Who's Grandma?

"A grandmother is a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love." -Unknown

Remember the good old days, when you were young, fearless and joyful at any time of the day? You’d go visit grandma and get to discover what life was all about: staying young, playful, humble and just the right level of foolish. Life has no secret for Grandma…she knows how to enjoy life!  

Just like grandma, who never runs out of hugs and cookies for her loved ones, our honey drops are made with good for you ingredients and are sure to add some sweetness to your day and bring back the happy memories of childhood.

Better yet, our honey drops are made with real honey and are free of all the bad-for-you ingredients usually found in candy: corn syrup, artificial ingredients or preservatives and artificial food colouring. Proudly made in Canada, Grandma’s prides itself in sourcing its honey from local producers. The result: a candy that tastes as if it came out of Grandma’s kitchen!

Image credits: @iwonapodlasinska